In Clinic Diagnostics and Testing

In Clinic Diagnostics and Testing


Rock Veterinary Clinic has recently upgraded our laboratory diagnostic equipment. We purchased an IDEXX ProCyte, Catalyst, and SediVue system. What does all this mean? It means better diagnostics for your animals, both large and small! The most common use will be for pre-surgical diagnostic panels to assess your pet's ability to handle anesthesia. Also, we can use our equipment to better diagnose illnesses and medical conditions such as kidney failure, liver failure, or diabetes. We are one of the few clinics in the area that have the SediVue urinalysis system! Results are ready in three minutes. This means we can diagnose and get your pet some relief even faster than before. Ask us today about our new lab equipment and how we can use it to help your animals.

We are also able to perform the following diagnostics in-clinic:

  • Ear, Skin, and Mass Cytology

  • Internal Parasite Exams

  • External Parasite Identification

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