We have excellent haul-in facilities for various large animal surgical procedures and the processing of large groups of cattle. Our updated tub and alley equipment allows for a smoother flow of animals throughout our facility. We are able to fit large/pregnant cows and bulls in our alley. Our hydraulic chute can hold small calves to large bulls. We can also take and record weights for accurate medication dosing. If your cow or bull are having lameness issues, we also have a hydraulic tilt table to safely examine and trim feet.

We can also come out to your farm to process calves, pregnancy check cows, and treat sick cattle. You can request that the veterinarian also bring along a veterinary technician if you need any extra help. Veterinary Technicians can administer vaccinations/antibiotics, implant, tag, run the headgate, etc. We also have a portable tub with alleyway and two portable chutes available to rent or to have the veterinarian bring out on farm calls.

Calf Intensive Care Unit
Do you have a newborn calf that is scouring, cold, dehydrated, or lacking energy? We have the ability to run intravenous fluids, treatments, and tube electrolytes/milk/colostrum to the calf in our calf ICU.

Cattle Processing
Rock Veterinary Clinic offers veterinarians and technicians that can assist you chuteside. Whether we come out on your farm or you use our haul-in facilities, we can perform:

  • Brucellosis & Pre-Breeding Vaccinations

  • Castration (band/cut)

  • Deworming

  • Dehorning

  • Ear Tagging

  • Implanting

  • Johnes & TB Testing

  • Pregnancy Checking & Ultrasounding

  • Pre-conditioning Vaccinations

Fall Calf Processing Recommendations

On Arrival:

  • Intranasal Vaccine

  • Viral Vaccine with Pasteurella – called a 5 way

  • Clostridial Vaccine– called a 7 way

  • Dewormer

  • Pour on for external parasites

Booster – to be given in 21-28 days

  • Viral Vaccine with Pasteurella

  • Clostridial

  • Implant

  • Dehorn

  • Castrate

Rock Veterinary Clinic’s Product Recommendations

Intranasal Vaccine: 2 cc given in nostril

  • Inforce 3

  • Nasalgen/TSV-2

Viral Vaccine with Pasteurella: 2 cc given subcutaneously

  • Pyramid 5 Presponse

  • Vista Once

  • Bovishield Gold One Shot

Clostridial Vaccine: 2 cc subcutaneously

  • Caliber 7

  • Vision 7

  • Vision 7/Somnus


  • Cydectin injectable: given subcutaneously at 1.1 cc/110#

  • Synanthic 9.06% Drench: given orally at 2.5 cc/110#


  • Promectrin B: given topically at 1 cc/22#

  • Cydectin: given topically at 1cc/22#


  • Ralgro: lasts approximately 80 days

  • Revalor G: lasts approximately 120 days

​​​​​​​Numerous studies have proven that well-vaccinated calves sell for significantly higher prices at the salebarn.

Call Rock Veterinary Clinic for a veterinarian signed letter documenting the vaccines and treatments your calves have received to ensure you receive top dollar for your calves.

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