Blood Work Discount

Blood Work Discount

Our Total Health Profile includes a 27 value blood chemistry test, SDMA, and a complete blood count. This deal doesn't come around very often so take advantage today! This discount is also starting at the perfect time... if you were considering having a dental cleaning performed on your pet next month (we offer a 10% dental discount in February) we highly recommend bloodwork for all pets and require it for pets 7 years of age and older before a dental cleaning (or any other surgical procedure).

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(We would prefer your pet to be fasted prior to it’s appointment.)

The most common use for bloodwork is to assess your pet's ability to handle anesthesia. Blood chemistry levels can diagnose illnesses and medical conditions such as kidney failure, liver failure, and diabetes. A complete blood count is a test that measures the cells that make up your blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It can diagnose anemia (lack of blood cells), infections, and clotting abilities. SDMA is a break-through blood test! It can detect acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease earlier than ever before.

Our Total Health Profile normally runs $130.00 but for a limited time it's only $65.00!

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